Neighbors of West Loop is an organization that encourages healthy debate on issues that impact residents in our growing neighborhoods. Our mission is to make the neighborhood better by working with government officials so that our community has as unified voice as possible.

There are four Chicago Wards that exist within the Neighbors of West Loop boundaries:

West Loop Aldermanic Ward Map

neighbors of west loop aldermanic map

The NoWL Ward Chairperson(s) lead our organization’s efforts to work with the elected Aldermen in the Wards represented in the West Loop and have worked hard to gain their trust that we can work with the community to give them a fair representation of the pulse of the community. The Aldermen want to hear from their constituency, and we work to make that happen through coordinating town hall meetings and surveys conducted through the Neighbors of West Loop email list.

42nd Ward
Alderman Reilly
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27th Ward
Alderman Burnett
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25th Ward
Alderman Solis
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28th Ward
Alderman Ervin
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