Neighborhood Plan – Jackson Corridor Focus Group

This meeting is the next of five focus group discussions about the Neighborhood Plan, which is intended to be a vision for the future of the West Loop, one that promotes preservation and progress.  This meeting addresses the “Jackson Corridor”, the area bounded by Ashland on the west, Green on the east, I-290 on the south, and Adams on the north (see image below).


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Group Discussion

Meeting facilitators Lena Elias-Bluett and May Toy led attendees through a series of discussion topics, identifying problem areas and potential solutions for each topic.  The group then prioritized each area through a voting exercise (topics listed in the priority order resulting from the voting).


  • Sidewalks should be at least 8 feet wide
  • “Cap the Kennedy” and “Cap the Ike” were re-visited as solutions to creating more green space
  • Deteriorating bridges and overpasses was discussed and the need for repairs to these types of structures


  • Designated “round-abouts”/holding/pausing areas or specific delivery days/areas were proposed to ease traffic caused by delivery (UPS, FedEx, et al)
  • A stop at United Center for the Pink Line and a trolley system were suggested to help reduce traffic and parking issues


  • It was suggested that despite the TOD that developers of residential buildings should be required to provide 1:1 parking to unit
  • Residents are look forward to a comprehensive transit plan that includes solution to the limited parking issue like valet service/cluster pick-up points and short distance/neighborhood only Uber-like services,

 Public Safety

  • This most active topic generated several suggestions/wish list ideas:
    • Turn on/use existing lighting add more lighting fixtures
    • Disperse loiterers
    • More neighborhood togetherness
    • Neighborhood Watch Group
    • “Pledge” campaign/programs
    • Organized activity groups
    • “Be a Good Neighbor” programs/spirit
    • Inspirational banners
    • Corporate sponsored incentives to do above.

 Development Guidelines (Height/Density)

  • Not taller than 70 feet/7 stories although some felt that up to 150 feet/15 stories might be okay
  • Participants suggested that not all units be of the same size within one structured e.g. a mix of unit sizes (small to large units) is preferred
  • Residents would also like for materials to be in-keeping with existing facades
  • It was also suggested that there be a limit the number of tall-tall buildings, tall buildings, and medium-tall buildings

Other issues, like parks and green space, public safety, community facilities, and schools, were briefly covered but not discussed in detail.

Next Steps

Input from the Neighborhood Plan focus group meetings will be summarized and aggregated.  Follow-up focus group meetings may be held to review the initial findings.  The draft Neighborhood Plan will then be distributed for review and adoption by NOWL and possibly by the local alderman and the City.


Thanks to all of the attendees for their ongoing participation:

Gwendolyn Anderson Sharon Fluker  May Toy
Elizabeth Cunningham Kal Fortoloczki
Sherrill Delerme Billie McClellan
Elyse Dennard Elizabeth Riley
Lena Elias-Bluett Stacey Simmons
Brian Ferber Gee Toy