Who is Neighbors of West Loop?

Neighbors of West Loop (NOWL) is a neighborhood organization formed by residents to bring together those in the West Loop who want to make a positive impact on our vibrant community. You can learn more on our About Us page. Visit our Board of Directors and Committees page for a list of the individuals leading our organization.

How is Neighbors of West Loop different from other organizations in the neighborhood?

Our goal is to empower residents of the West Loop. We believe in transparency and giving every resident the opportunity to be informed and to be heard on issues that affect the community. When we take a position on an issue, it’s based on what we’ve heard from West Loop residents. To maintain our independence, we do not accept money from the City of Chicago or act as a chamber of commerce.

How can I get involved with Neighbors of West Loop?

You can learn about NOWL membership here. The easiest way to get involved is subscribing to our email list. We’ll let you know about community meetings and events where you can be heard and become informed. If you’d like to take an active role in any of our committees, email info@neighborsofwestloop.com.

How do I become a member?

All residents within the West Loop are welcome to join NOWL. As a non-profit organization, NOWL depends on membership dues to help pay for operational costs that support the NOWL mission. Click here to pay for your NOWL membership or here to learn about the parameters of membership. There are volunteer committees which members are encouraged to join. We suggest you subscribe to our email list and consider how you would like to help.

Are my membership dues and/or other donations to Neighbors of West Loop tax deductible?

NOWL is a non-profit, member supported organization organized under the Illinois General Not For Profit Corporation Act. From 2010 through 2016 we maintained a federal 501(c)(3) status and are currently in the process of reapplying for 501(c)(3) status for 2017 and beyond. We expect to provide additional updates and guidance in the near future. You should consult your tax advisor for questions with respect to your individual tax situation.

Can Neighbors of West Loop help me with a specific problem?

Our Ward Committees or Parks Committee may be able to help. Visit our Board of Directors and Committees page to learn the issues the committees cover. Email info@neighborsofwestloop.com to request help or get involved.

Your website seems a little sparse. Will this change?

Yes! We are currently launching our redesigned website and our objective is to provide original content from the residents of the West Loop. We are recruiting correspondents! Please email Brian Ferber, NOWL Communications Chair, at brian@neighborsofwestloop.com, if you are a West Loop resident interested in helping out!

Why should I subscribe to the Neighbors of West Loop email list?

You are able to customize which emails that you want to receive about NOWL and the West Loop. In our humble opinion, it is the best way to stay informed about what you care about in the West Loop! You can subscribe to receive emails on upcoming meetings, notices about street closings and other disruptions, links to NOWL meeting minutes and open letters on our blog, and volunteer opportunities. We are currently looking for West Loop residents interested in helping to restart our informative weekly emails, as well as revisit our fun monthly entertainment email covering special events, new businesses, and food and drink specials. Please email Brian Ferber, NOWL Communications Chair, at brian@neighborsofwestloop.com, if you want to help out and you can visit our email archive to see previously sent emails.

We will never sell, rent, or share our mailing list. We may send you promotional emails on behalf of neighborhood businesses.

Why does your email sign-up form ask so many questions?

NOWL wants to only provide you with the information that you want! We may send special alerts based on your preferences or the geographic or demographic information you provide. This helps us inform you about issues affecting you without filling up your inbox with issues that don’t. You don’t have to answer these questions to receive our regular weekly and monthly emails, which will be restarting in the summer of 2016.

What happened to the Fulton River District Association?

The Fulton River District Association is now Neighbors of West Loop! In an effort to increase collaboration across the West Loop and the four wards comprised in the expanding West Loop, FRDA reached outside of the Fulton River District to engage volunteers who were already participating in PACs, CAPS meetings, and other positive community roles on their own. In January 2014, the Fulton River District Association became Neighbors of West Loop and expanded the geographic reach to include much of the West Loop as we know it today.