Public Safety / CAPS

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Neighbors of West Loop supports local efforts to promote the safety of our residents.  Board members of NoWL serve as local Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) coordinators for police “beats” in District 12, which covers most of the West Loop. This allows NoWL to act as a conduit for public safety alerts and to keep residents informed about crime patterns in our neighborhood.

You can find your local “beat” Beat meetings are held on a regular schedule, which is set each year.  For 2017, these schedules are listed below.  You can also add beat meetings to your calendar by syncing with the Neighbors of West Loop Calendar.

  • Beat 0121:  Second Wednesday every month at 7 pm at 525 S State Street
  • Beat 1214:  Every two (even) months on the second Thursday at 6 pm at TBD
  • Beat 1215:  Every two (odd) months on the second Thursday at 7 pm at 1615 W Chicago Avenue
  • Beat 1224:  Every two (even) months on the first Wednesday at 6 pm at 1300 W. Jackson
  • Beat 1231:  Every two (odd) months on the second Wednesday at 6 pm at 318 S Throop Street
  • Beat 1232:  Every two months on the fourth Tuesday at 6 pm at 1412 S Blue Island Avenue

Apart from following NoWL on Facebook and Twitter, attending a CAPS beat meeting is the best way to stay informed about public safety issues affecting you and your family.

To get more involved in the Public Safety/CAPS Committee, please contact committee chair Sue Weber.