Board of Directors

Elected Board Officials

Matt Letourneau, President

After serving as the NoWL 25th Ward Committee Chairperson for two years, Matt was named Acting President by the Board following the departure of NoWL founding member Larry Gage. Matt also chairs the NoWL Development Committee and serves on the Skinner West Elementary Local School Council.  In his years with NoWL, Matt has initiated several programs for the organization, including the NoWL West Loop Calendar and our membership structure. He also supports NoWL outreach via social media, events, and coordination with other neighborhood groups.

Brian Ferber, Vice-President

  • NoWL founding member
  • Chairperson of the Communications Committee
  • Co-Chairperson of the 28thWard Committee

Nick Sickler, Secretary & Treasurer

A founding member of NoWL, Nick served as Treasurer of the FRDA before the merge with NoWL and has participated with the West Loop Community Organization (WLCO) and West Central Association (WCA). Nick currently is a board member of the Chicago Chapter of Risk Management Association and the Purdue Alumni Club of Chicago.

Board Members At Large

  • May Toy
    • NoWL founding member
    • Co-Chairperson of the Green Space and Parks Committee
    • Co-Chairperson of the 28thWard Committee
    • 16+ year member of the Chicago Police Department 12th District Advisory Council

Leigh Wang

Leigh Wang and her pooch Rory moved to the West Loop Gate area in 2015 from the South Loop.  She is a Project Manager/Business Analyst, and has over 10 years in the Finance industry.  Leigh has experience serving on condo association and professional boards.  Currently, Leigh also supports the NOWL Development and Parks Committees.  In her spare time, Leigh enjoys traveling, hiking with Rory, and crosswords.

Lena Elias-Bluett

After attending several Neighbors of West Loop Development Committee meetings, Lena was drawn-in by the shared goal for balance in the West Loop, between economic progress and historic preservation. In addition to representing the 27th ward on the committee, Lena is also serving as President of the 1000 West Washington Lofts Condominium Association Board of Directors and was recently chosen as the CAPS Community Facilitator for Chicago Police Department District 12, Beat 1224. In this role she also serves as the Safety/CAPS Committee chair for NoWL.