1220 W. Jackson (LG Development)

Development Proposal

On Monday evening, December 11, 2017, George Sorich (NORR Architects), Michael Ezgur (Acosta Ezgur, LLC), and Gabe Leahu (LG Development Group) presented a plan for a proposed 10-story (127 ft. tall) residential and retail building for 1220 W. Jackson Boulevard.

The plan requires a zoning change from M1-3 (Limited Manufacturing/Business Park) with a 3.0 FAR (Floor Area Ratio) to DX-5 (Downtown Mixed Use) with a 5.95 FAR.  If approved, the development will generate a $700,000 towards the Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus, 10% of which would be spent in within a mile of the project.  Currently, the lot is occupied by a 3-story masonry building and surface parking lot.

This development is proposed as a steel structure with a façade of glass, metal panels, and masonry.  If completed as proposed, it would house 166 rental units.  Approximately 57% (94) of the units will be 1-bedroom units (each approximately 670 square feet).  Fewer than 5% (6) of the units will be 2-bedroom units (each approximately 1,145 square feet).  The remaining 40% (66) of the units are planned as studio offerings with just about 416 square feet.  Additionally, the development will include 30 parking spaces and a portion of the first floor is reserved for retail interests.

You can read the developer’s full questionnaire here.

Committee Feedback

  • Remarking that the height of the proposed development didn’t exceed that of the building across the street, the group was comfortable with the overall height. However, the group was very concerned with the resident-density created by so many (166) rental offerings within the proposed development.
  • Residents suggested increasing the size of the units and lamented the absence of adequate inventory in the West Loop of 2- and, especially, 3-bedroom units.
  • Despite being recognized as a TOD (Transit-Oriented Development), residents of the area expressed concern about the limited parking (30 spaces for 166 units).
  • The property development team responded to these concerns by stating that they will consider signing an agreement that makes the residents of this development ineligible for the neighborhood parking permit program.

Next Steps

  • Present the plan to WLCO (West Loop Community Organization) and WCA (West Central Association).
  • Thereafter, a community meeting for this proposed development will be scheduled.
  • The NoWL Development Committee will issue a position letter based on resident feedback collected before, and during, the community meeting.

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Date:  December 17, 2017

By:  NoWL Development Committee, Lena Elias-Bluett