November CAPS Beat 1224 Meeting Recap

Here is a summary of the December 6, 2017 Beat 1224 CAPS meeting:

The meeting began with a discussion of crimes committed in the last two months. Many categories went down but narcotics was added to the list.

Discussion next turned to two recent violent crimes: a woman was attacked while waiting for bus near 2200 W Chicago Ave and individual was shot and killed at 100 N Hermitage. There have been no arrests on these crimes but other arrests have been made around the beat area.

A woman in the neighborhood said she is afraid of the crime in the area and asked what could be done. CPD stressed that people should report anything they see that is suspicious or unsafe, e.g., broken glass near a car, broken windows, street lights broken. Residents should call 911 and they will transfer you to a specific 311 agent. You should request the SR number which they will assign to your incident which will allow you to follow-up on its status.

CPD presented crime statistics that showed how District 12 ranks in terms of the number of Police officers. May Toy provided information that showed we are about average in police coverage but all agreed that there should be more officers in the district. Attendees talked about the increasing number of new applicants; the time it takes before an applicant is actually tested, trained and on the street; and the need to recruit more people particularly when considering attrition over the next few years.

Sgt. Chris Schenk talked about safety tips when walking: don’t be distracted, e.g., on a cell phone; wear purses inside your coat (but if outside wear it so the perpetrator won’t have to throw you to the ground to get it).

Armando Chacon asked about the status of bump and run car theft incidents in the area and what residents can do about it. CPD noted that, if you feel it is unsafe to exit your vehicle after being struck, stay in your car, call 911 and report why you feel it is unsafe and go to the police dept to report the crime. You must call 911 and report it or you are “leaving the scene of an accident”.

Reminders: there is a Public Safety and Awareness event on December 7th at St. Helen School at 6pm and Elder Justice Center Senior Driving Tips are being presented on December 8th at 1pm at 50 W Washingon.

By: Public Safety/CAPS Committee Chair Sue Weber