112 S. Sangamon

Development Proposal

On Thursday, October 12, owners of 112 S. Sangamon, an office building bordering Mary Bartelme Park, presented to the community a proposal to rezone the building to support a penthouse residential unit for one of the owners’ part-time use. The owners’ attorney, Thomas Raines, presented the project to our Development Committee on Monday, November 13.

The structure’s current square footage is 24,000 sq ft, which does not conform to the current DS-3 zoning (20,664 sq ft allowable).  The request under consideration is to change the zoning to DX-5, which would increase the area limit to 34,000 sq. ft. The zoning change is being filed as a Type 1 plan at 28,772 sq ft; if approved any future modifications would require a community review process. The building height would go from 60 ft to 75 ft 10 inches, including the new 3,876 sq ft living space with 1,100 sq ft of rooftop patio.

When asked what benefit the zoning change would bring to the community, the developer noted that the residential property would provide additional tax dollars to the city.

Committee Feedback

Representatives from the residences at 111 S Morgan in attendance voiced concerns about the adverse impacts of increased shade to the neighboring buildings, requesting that a shade study be provided (the developer declined to provide one).  Residents also noted that the rooftop addition might violate the portion of the new West Loop Design Guidelines that calls for consistency in the frontage height of the streetwall.

Scott Maesel of Sperry Van Ness (tenant in the building) and President of West Loop Community Organization spoke in support of the project.

Next Steps

Since the presentation to our committee, we have been informed by the alderman’s office that the project has already received approval from the City Council and is moving forward. This represents a deviation from our committee’s review process. As a result, we will not establish a position on this development.

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Date:  Monday, October 16, 2017 (updated Thursday, November 16, 2017)

By:  NOWL Development Committee members Sue Weber and Matt Letourneau