Zoning Requests (Acosta Ezgur)

On Monday, May 8, Michael Ezgur of of Acosta Ezgur presented three proposed zoning changes, listed below. Each of these zoning requests are headed to committee in May.

Rooftop deck at 820 W. Jackson (27th Ward)

The existing building at this location is a legal, non-conforming structure zoned as DS-3.  The building owner would like to add a rooftop deck and enclosure for the exclusive use of the existing office tenants.  Any additional square footage would require the addition of FAR, which is not permitted under the current zoning.  In order to pull any building permit for the proposed improvement, a zoning change to DS-7 is needed to bring the building into compliance and allow the extra FAR for the accessory rooftop deck for the commercial tenants in the building.

Based on the information provided, including the image below, the NoWL Development Committee is not opposed to this project. The committee requested that the developer confirm that the roof space will not be used for after-hour events.

820 W Jackson

Garden landscaping enhancement at 1229 W. Lake (27th Ward)

Montauk Sofa has purchased the building located at 1229 W. Lake. In order to make the space viable, the building owner intends to rezone the property from C1-2 to DX-3. This will eliminate the need for parking within a specific distance from the building (parking is provided at another location nearby). Additionally, Montauk wishes to improve the green space in front of the structure by installing a more elaborate garden/parkway entrance for a unique customer experience (see below).

The NoWL Development Committee supports this project and welcomes the additional green space, as well as Montauk, to the neighborhood.

1229 W Lake

Update to VANS lease at 113 N. Elizabeth (27th Ward)

The limited spectator sports facility permit that was issued to House of VANS event space at 113 N. Elizabeth is due to expire and House of VANS would like to obtain a three-year lease. However, parking for the venue is outside of the required distance for the current zoning (C1-3). The developer requested a waiver from the City, but they were instead directed to request a zoning change to DX-5 to alleviate the parking requirement.

The NoWL Development Committee does not oppose this project. However, we have requested a written statement from the developer/owner/alderman indicating that the property would be down-zoned after the expiration of VANS’ lease on the property.


Date: May 9, 2017

By: Lena Elias-Bluett, Matt Letourneau