Fulton & Ogden (Trammel Crow)

Development Proposal

On Monday, January 09, 2017, Johnny Carlson of Trammell Crow Chicago Development Inc.  along with Aaron Roseth of ESG Architects presented a proposed 19-story (~198 ft.) residential and retail building for the property at 213 – 233 N. Ogden and 1367 – 1377 N. Fulton Market.  Currently the property is occupied by a parking lot and a vacant commercial building.

The structure façade proposed for 213 – 233 N. Ogden and 1367 – 1377 N. Fulton Market would consist of concrete, stone, metal panels, pre-cast elements, and glass.  The ground floor of the building along Ogden is allocated as 16,725 of retail space.  The ground floor at the northern portion of the property is designated as the lobby for the residential portion of the building.  The residences of the building will total 315 rental units (90 studio units, 150 1-bedroom units, and 75 2-bedroom units).  Proposed amenities include a pool, roof deck, pool deck with grilling stations, fitness center, club room, bike lounge, and pet spa.  The building will also include 145 interior parking spaces accessed from the alley off of Fulton.

This proposed development will require a zoning change from M2-3 (Light Industry District) with a 3.0 FAR (Floor Area Ratio) to DX-5 (Downtown Mixed-Used) with a 5.0 FAR.  A portion of the site is within the 5.75 FAR maximum area of the map and a portion is within the boundaries that allow for a maximum 8.1 FAR.  Since planned developments require a uniform underlying zoning, Trammell Crow Chicago Development is requesting an underlying DX-5.  Furthermore, the developer is also requesting an additional 3.1 FAR (creating a total FAR of 8.1) Planned Development Amendment for a $2.8M Opportunity Bonus.

Construction period is estimated to be about 24 months.

When asked about benefits that the project would bring to the community, the developer stated the creation of “luxury” residences for the employees of local, current and future, employers from a presently underutilized parcel.  The developer also expressed the belief that retail along this portion of Ogden would serve as a “catalyst” to further development of this area (i.e. west of Ogden).

Committee Feedback

  • Architecture – generally positive regarding materials and design.  However, with one exception, the group unanimously voiced concern for the building height, suggesting, instead, that the building height not exceed 150 feet (the approximate height of the building at 1000 W. Fulton -a.k.a. The Google Building).
  • Residential Units – it was noted that the plan does not include 3-bedroom units and that, generally, the area does not have adequate residential offerings for families.
  • Traffic and Parking – the group would like to see plans for addressing local traffic flow issues (specifically traffic control measures) and parking for the retail businesses.
  • Lighting – ample lighting is requested along Ogden, Fulton, and the alleyway.

Next Steps

A community meeting will be scheduled for this proposed development in the coming months.  The NoWL Development Committee will issue a position letter based on resident feedback collected before and at the community meeting.

Date: January 17, 2017

By:  Lena Elias-Bluett